Uploading Large Files to the Garmin inReach Explorer+

Garmin imposes a size limit on routes uploaded to the Explorer+. Nowhere could I find a definitive presentation of what can and can't be uploaded to the device, so for the purposes of this post let's say that routes consisting of up to 200 points can be uploaded.

There are many free tools that claim to split .gpx files into smaller parts:

I couldn't get any of these to work, but I found an SO post that explained how to achieve my goal with gpsbabel. The described script worked well, but produced many files that needed to be uploaded one-by-one to Garmin's online portal. I edited the script to recompose the resulting files:


# $1 is input
# $2 is output
# $3 is (optionally) max number of points per file

gpsbabel -i gpx -f "$1" -t -o csv -F - \
  | gsplit -d -l ${3:-200} --additional-suffix=.csv - "$prefix"

echo -e "<?xml version=\"1.0\" ?>\n<gpx>\n</gpx>" > "$2"
for f in "$prefix"*.csv; do
    gpsbabel -i csv -f "$f"                              \
             -i gpx -f "$2"                              \
             -x transform,trk=wpt -x nuketypes,waypoints \
             -o gpx -F "$2"
    rm "$f"

The output file can be uploaded in one shot.

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