EmacsGolf: VimGolf Challenges in Emacs

As I've learned Emacs I've had fun doing vimgolf challenges. One day, I'd like to set up a "workflow" (distractionflow?) with something like vimgolf.el so that creating and showing off a solution to a vimgolf problem is quick and easy.

Below are some of my old solutions to challenges. I hope to one day convert these into a format that displays nicely, or pulls from vimgolf.com, or can be shared and verified.

Whether or not to count modifier keys as keystrokes is a contested question among golfers (which says a lot about our kind). Many (including me) think that modifiers shouldn't count towards keystrokes, but vimgolf.com does count modifier keystrokes. I've counted my solutions without modifiers, so it's not really fair to compare them to the vimgolf leaderboards. I'm not sure how accurate the vimgolf leaderboards are anyways; solutions aren't posted (only the keystroke count) and in the past there's been cheating.

All of the below should work when run with emacs -Q.

Challenge ID Solution Number of Keystrokes
53b473a3ac0ceb00022303bd C-k M-& v i <return> s-' C-y C-j C-j <return> M-w s-' C-y M-9 <backspace> 15
4d1c27940e3d7832db000010 <insert> C-x * c 2 <return> F3 <return> k n M-9 M-9 C-x ) M-0 y 16
4d1c27940e3d7832db000010 C-k C-x * c 2 <return> F3 M-1 y k n M-1 M-0 M-0 C-x ) 16
55b18bbea9c2c30d04000001 C-s r M-w M-e <return> C-y 7 SPC 1 1 M-e <return> <return> N e w SPC t e x t . 22
5cf62aa56c09760009d6b2f3 M-% ) <return> ) ! <return> 7
5c742a5a50bdf70006d43280 M-3 M-1 # <return> # SPC M-3 M-f M-DEL w a s C-e SPC # <return> M-3 M-1 # 19
56fb2e75ccffcc0009026473 M-2 C-k M-% , <return> C-q C-j <return> M-a DEL M-a DEL 12
5d7f565deac0df000cfc2154 F3 M-3 C-d C-n C-x ) M-7 - RET C-n F4 M-DEL A r e C-n M-3 - RET C-n F4 d RET M-9 - 25
5192f96ad8df110002000002 F3 ( M-f ) C-f M-3 C-x ) 8
52c3cb0d9b8634000200000e M-4 M-f M-DEL M-DEL N E W M-f M-f DEL 4 11
540629666a1e4000020d9e5a F3 - C-f M-1 M-4 C-x ) 7
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